Live Phone Interpreters for Quebec City, Quebec

When you make international calls, sometimes you can run into problems because you don't speak the local language - whether that's English, Spanish, German, Chinese, or whatever. Phone interpreters can help.

Phone interpreters offer a dial-in service where they join you live on your call to bridge the language gap and get you the result you need.

Phone interpretation services work in a variety of ways, but the basic idea is that you, your called party, and the interpreter all come together in a 3-way conference call. The interpreter stays on the line as long as necessary to handle the problem.

On-demand phone interpreter services have professionals on call 24/7 who are fluent multi-lingual speakers. Their staffs typically speak dozens, if not hundreds, of languages. By connecting with one of these services, you can find someone skilled in both your language and the language of the person you are calling.

You can use a phone interpreter to help you book a hotel room, arrange complicated travel plans, or coordinate a business transaction - whatever you need, they can assist you.

Recommended Phone Interpreter Services

There are a number of companies that offer telephone interpreting services for calls to Quebec City, QC or elsewhere.

We suggest you consider the following:

Phone interpreter services is one of the larger telephone interpreting services around. The company has global operations and translators who speak 170 languages. offers on-demand phonw translators for all major languages worldwide - English, Arabic, Chinese, Japansese, Hindi, German, Russian, etc. - as well as many other languages, too.

They have dial-in access numbers in over 20+ countries, so you can set up 3-way calls at low cost. Interpreters can participate to calls to any country worldwide.

Fees are US$2.99 per minute regardless of your location. You are responsible for making the 3-way conferencing connection and for all phone charges thereof. There are no connection fees or other charges beyond the per minute rate. works on a prepaid basis, but has a flexible auto-recharge option, so you can be sure your account doesn't run out in the middle of a conversation. No contracts or minimums are required. interpreters are bound by a privacy policy and code of ethics.

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How Phone Interpreters Work

Phone interpreters are trained language professionals who join you live via the telephone to help you communicate with another person.

Usually the other person is also on the phone, so bringing on the interpreter involves creating a 3-way phone connection. You could also be talking with the 3rd person face-to-face with the only the interpreter on the phone line.

Phone interpreter Quebec City

Whatever the circumstance, the interpreter's job is to listen to both sides of the conversation and to translate in real time so you get the right result faster.

Setting up the 3-way connection is usually pretty easy - you simply use your phone's conferencing feature to add on the interpreter after connecting with the party you need help speaking with.

Usually you hire a phone interpreter via specialized companies that have interpreters on call 24/7. Typically, these companies have professionals on staff who speak dozens and dozens of languages worldwide - often well over 100 languages are supported.

The services generally work on an on-demand basis; no pre-booking is required. You simply call them when you need them - and you use them for as long as needed.

All reputable interpreting services have strong privacy policies and codes of ethics to ensure complete confidentiality.

To connect with a phone interpreter, companies provide dial-in access numbers - these work a like as with a calling card. You dial one of their access numbers, enter your account number, and then, via prompts, you are connected with an interpreter with the appropriate language skills.

Some companies have access numbers in many countries; others have numbers in only one. Make sure the company you pick is accessible from your location.

On-demand phone interpreters usually charge on a per minute basis from the moment the interpreter gets on the line. A typical charge is US$2.99 - US$3.99 per minute. Some companies offer a discounted rate after some number of minutes.

Typically, you'll need to have set up an account in advance and purchased interpreter time on a prepaid basis. Many providers offer auto-recharge, so that your account is automatically replenished if you need extra time.

Clearly, interpreter per minute fees can add up, so these services are best suited for situations where you need something reasonably specific that can be sorted fairly quickly once the language barrier is removed.

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How to Use a Phone Interpreter

Phone interpreters are typically paid on a per minute basis, so you want to use them as efficiently as possible - wasted minutes means higher cost.

Telephone interpreter Quebec City

Here are a few tips for using an interpreter to get the result you need quickly. 'Called party' refers to the person you are trying to communicate with.

  • Have the called party on the line, so the interpreter can get going immediately
  • When you first connect with the interpreter, spend a minute or two describing who you are talking to and what you need done
  • Be as specific as possible about your needs so the interpreter knows exactly what they need to accomplish for you
  • Ask the interpreter to briefly restate what you've told them, so you can be sure they understand the situation
  • If you are having trouble communicating with the interpreter, cut your losses early and drop them
  • Ask the interpreter to introduce themselves to the called party, including explaining what their role is
  • Have reasonable expectations of the interpreter - they are translators, not detectives
  • Ask only one question at a time
  • Speak slowly, clearly, and in short phrases or sentences
  • Allow the interpreter time to translate your statement, get the response, and then translate that back - this takes time
  • Stick to the essentials and avoid side comments that aren't necessary to get the job done
  • Don't say anything that you don't want translated
  • If something seems unclear, repeat it or ask for clarification
  • Once the problem appears to be solved, have the interpreter restate the solution to both yourself and the called party
  • Once you've solved the problem, get the interpreter off the line right away to avoid unnecessary charges

Lastly, try to be patient. Even though you are on the clock, if you try to rush things, you could actually make things worse.

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